Royston and Surrounding Areas

About Me

Hi, I'm Charlie. I live in Royston, UK and grew up in a mixture of rural England and Ireland. I was always fascinated with dogs and wolves, watching documentraries and Ceasar Milan whenever I could.

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My fascination turned into adoration when I was 15 and we got Rosie, a Pedigree Cockerpoo. I completely fell in love with our new family pet and instantly took the role of feeding, walking and training..

Eventually I joined the Army and  was proud to be in The Queen's Guard and on course to join the K-9 section working with military dogs. Unfortunately I suffered a hip break that was destined to end my career - I recieved an honourable medical discharge and became a civilian once more.


So naturally, once my hip recovered I rebelled by growing a beard and climbing mountains and hiking. I even took a 1,000km hike round the Cornish coastline. I had the travel bug and was determined to see some of the world.

I stumbled across Brighton on my travels and ended up staying for a year like many people do. I always picked up dog-related work when I travelled and had the pleasure of working with Dolly, the beautiful Bearded Collie you can see here.


After Brighton, I chased the sun around the world and stayed in continuous summertime for 3 years. I wasn't much of a photographer at this point in life but here is a snap someone caught of me in the height of summer in Mollorca, Spain.

Now I am a little older, wiser and more experienced. I have settled down back in my family town of Royston and have registered The Golden Leash so that I can share my knowledge of dogs and continue to work with them.

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