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Dog Training

Private Dog Training

Busy? Pressed for time? I designed my Private Training service for you. Sessions are booked to suit your schedule and all services are carried out in accordnce with our Coronavirus guarentee to ensure everybodies safety

20% off if service is booked and paid for 7 days in advance

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(block booking & advance booking)


(single bookings or short-notice)

The Benefits

  • Work with an experienced trainer that has a wide bredth of knowledge

  • Free full initial assessment

  • You get a personalised training programme

  • Choose your session times to suit your schedule

  • Photos and videos of each session so you can review your progress

  • Understand your dogs needs better so that you can cater to them

  • Expert advice always at your fingertips

  • Flexibility - Just let us know if you have any special requirements

Full Assessment

Need some help training your dog to be the great family pet you’ve always dreamed of? We’ll get you one giant leap closer to that goal with a Private Pet Behavior Consultation.



(all inclusive)

The Benefits

  • Receive an expert evaluation of your dogs diet, exercise, stimulation, emotional health and much more

  • You get a folder with a copy of the assessment for your records

  • Receive a tailored training programme for you to complete with your dog to tackle undesirabe behavoirs

  • By understanding your dogs needs fully, you can better cater to their individual requirements

  • If you are unsure how to tackle some of your dogs behavoirs, this is the perfect place to start!

Blake, Royston

My first time using Golden Leash, Very friendly and professional. Lovely service, would use again

Freddy and Tara, Mallorca, Spain

Charlie was our dog walker in Spain and was always full of useful training advice, tips and tricks. I can't recommend this guy enough!!